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Hollywood South: Glamour, Gumbo, and Greed
Hollywood South: Glamour, Gumbo, and Greed book cover

Hollywood South: Glamour, Gumbo, and Greed

“This fascinating book seems like a work of fiction, a mystery, a who dunnit, but it is indeed a work of non-fiction, beautifully told. Stranger than fiction.”— Scott Ross

“Bourbon and St. Peter is taking on the appearance of Hollywood and Vine.”
New Orleans Times-Picayune

From the chairman’s office of a Hollywood studio to the corridors of the Louisiana legislature, Hollywood insider Linda Thurman follows the rise and subsequent corruption of Hollywood South. Intimately acquainted with the conspiracy to manipulate and control the Louisiana film industry (which resulted in several arrests), Thurman sheds light on the convoluted relationship between politics and entertainment in both Hollywood and Louisiana. Part memoir and part exposé, Thurman’s stories are both riveting and revealing—everything expected from a good Hollywood tale!

Get the inside scoop on Hollywood South’s dramatic beginnings!



Hollywood South: Glamour, Gumbo, and Greed
At your local bookstore Fall 2016
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Pelican Publishing Company
ISBN hardcover: 9781455621996
ISBN e-book: 9781455622009