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Hollywood South: Glamour, Gumbo, and Greed 

Get the inside scoop on Hollywood South’s dramatic beginnings!

“Bourbon and St. Peter is taking on the appearance of Hollywood and Vine.”
New Orleans Times-Picayune

From the chairman’s office of a Hollywood studio to the corridors of the Louisiana legislature, Hollywood insider Linda Thurman follows the rise and subsequent corruption of Hollywood South. Intimately acquainted with the conspiracy to manipulate and control the Louisiana film industry (which resulted in several arrests), Thurman sheds light on the convoluted relationship between politics and entertainment in both Hollywood and Louisiana. Part memoir and part exposé, Thurman’s stories are both riveting and revealing—everything expected from a good Hollywood tale!


Most Recent Publication:

Vitascope Hall (200 x 327)

America’s First Movie Theater: Louisiana’s Vitascope Hall

by Ed and Susan Poole, Foreword by Linda Thurman

Follow the journey of today’s cinema from a cave in Spain to a storefront in New Orleans.




The Hollywood Creative Directory

The Hollywood Creative Directory published a series of comprehensive and up-to-the-minute (published three times a year!), authoritative, easy-to-use sources for finding entertainment professionals. The Hollywood insider’s phone book was packed with names, numbers, addresses, and titles of executives from film and television for studios, production companies, television networks, and cable channels were listed credits, projects in development, and deals.

The directory was essential for studios executives, directors, producers, writers, actors, historians, and researchers–a resource for the IRS, cited as an authority in multi-million lawsuits, and a portal for everyone who wanted to make it in Hollywood.

  • Hollywood Creative Directory
  • Hollywood Agents and Managers Directory
  • Hollywood Interactive Media Directory
  • Hollywood Interactive Entertainment Directory
  • Hollywood Financial Directory
  • Hollywood Movie Music Directory
  • Hollywood New Media Director
  • Hollywood Quickphone Directory

Mixed Media

  • Living Your Dream In Spite Of . . . with John Trujillo, composer

Living Your Dream


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