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America’s First Movie Theater: Vitascope Hall

New Orleans, Louisiana – June 3, 2016 –The site of Vitascope Hall, where the first movie theater in America opened on Canal Street at Exchange Alley in 1896, is finally getting its due. After a 20-year crusade by Ed and Susan Poole, internationally-known film historians and archivists, the site will get a historical marker. “It’s … Continue reading America’s First Movie Theater: Vitascope Hall


A Story on Your Mind

"There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them"  was the tagline for Jules Dassin's film The Naked City that became a tv series in the 1950s. Everyone has a story. Might be interesting. Might be significant. Might not. The fact is that telling stories is important. As new tools become available, … Continue reading A Story on Your Mind

My Pulitzer Moment

New York City was a sophisticated, witty place in the early  1980s. At least that's how it seemed to me. It was also loud and harsh, inducing a perpetual state of sensory overload. My apartment was in the heart of the city on 47th Street behind the historic Palace Theater---one stage door away from Times Square. Trips home to Louisiana were rare, and … Continue reading My Pulitzer Moment